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Continuous Floor Solutions

Does this layout look familiar to you? Hardwood throughout your whole bottom floor – except for the living room carpet that breaks it up. You wouldn’t be the first person to get tired of this look and wish your wood was continuous. It’s possible, but often not a simple solution to do this. Hardwood is a natural product, so even if you can find the exact same wood with the exact same stain in the exact same size available for purchase (unfortunately rare) you’re still at risk of the new floor looking “off” from your existing. With natural products there is variation, and with batches of stain too. If all the old wood and the new wood were mixed together you probably wouldn’t notice anything amiss. However, with a dividing line between the two it can be glaringly obvious that they’re different.

So now you’re asking the obvious: what can you do if using the same wood isn’t a good option? Let us help you with your choices!

Whatever option you think best for you, we can help you achieve. We do free estimates always so getting quotes for different choices is no problem! We will walk you through every step of the way so this doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Give us a call at 252.756.9308 to get started!